Welcome to the MyCancerJourney Community!

MyCommunity is a supportive, online social networking community for cancer patients and survivors to meet share ideas, gain resources, and manage and cope with the issues related to cancer and its treatment. Our personalized communities, composed of survivors and other patients with the same type of cancer who understand your situation, offer valuable treatment and insights where people read, post and share experiences to help others. MyCommunity transforms cancer patients and survivors into advocates and “peer coaches”; every member can ask questions, and gain as well as offer neighborly advice and support.

Once you are a member of MyCommunity, you can read and post comments, photos, videos, medical stories, links to various articles, and share information with your online neighborhood. The answers and feedback you receive are always available and are searchable so you can find questions and feedback regardless of when they were posted. In this way, you are always able to keep the conversation going.

In an article entitled, “The Surprising Power of Neighborly Advice,” Professor Daniel Gilbert describes how difficult decisions can be made easier by reaching out to others (i.e., your neighbors) who have been in similar situations." 

MyCommunity is a rich environment for the sharing of personal stories and experiences that transcend a diagnosis through a community of personalized support.

  • Exchange personal stories with others who have been through cancer treatment and formulate the kinds of questions you want to ask your medical team.
  • View survivor stories and other supportive videos.
  • Connect with survivors and others with the same type of cancer.

Special tools allow you to control the size of your online community. Also, each user is advised to use an anonymous username, so everyone’s identity and privacy is always protected, supporting more open communication.